Elevate your ad game

Elevate your ad game
From pinpoint personalization to seamless scalability, VOS® Ad is the industry’s most powerful, resilient targeted advertising solution.
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Take your ads to the next level

VOS Ad is here. An innovative, cloud-based server-side ad insertion (SSAI) SaaS from the industry leaders in video streaming technology. 


Using the latest in frame-accurate server-side ad insertion technology, VOS Ad is designed to maximize monetization through personalized advertising experiences. Deliver highly targeted ads to millions of concurrent viewers across a wide range of applications, including low latency live sports streaming, linear, VOD, FAST and IPTV. 

Drive more revenue from your video content
Attract more advertisers and increase your ad inventory, without increasing ad load, using built-in dynamic brand insertion.
Tailored ads every time
Customize experiences down to the smallest detail with individual addressability to supercharge audience engagement and monetization.
Resiliency at every level
Maintain full uptime and enterprise-grade reliability with geo-redundancy, load-balancing and award-winning DevOps 24/7. 
Dynamic advertising at scale
Engineered to be cloud-native, VOS Ad provides unparalleled scalability for a superior viewing experience.
No more vendor lock-in
Access an open ecosystem of APIs and industry partners for extensive flexibility and simplified delivery — as well as seamless integration with third party ad decision servers.
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