Discover Harmonic's latest innovations and market-leading cloud-based, IP and OTT video delivery solutions. Stop by our booth to see SMARTER, FASTER, SIMPLER solutions in action:
  • How to monetize OTT content. SMART repurposing of live and linear content to create new channels and skinny bundles. Optimize revenues with appealing content and targeted dynamic ad insertion.
  • Launch new channels FAST. Harmonic's VOS®360 SaaS fast-to-launch cloud-based services include channel origination solutions, primary distribution, media processing and robust disaster recovery.
  • SIMPLIFY your OTT and hybrid workflows. Harmonic’s cloud-based VOS360 SaaS solutions enable unified delivery over any network, to any device. Scalable support for hybrid OTT and broadcast services, including ATSC 3.0 workflows that combine over-the-air broadcast with OTT streaming services.
  • The Future Zone, be one of the first to see our latest AI-based solutions for video processing and encoding. Experience the next level of video resolution, with 8K Full UHD in action. And more...

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Harmonic Leads Technology Innovation Sessions at NAB 2019

Listen to world-leading experts from Harmonic who have been selected by NAB to speak on the innovations that will define the future of video delivery.
Jean Macher
Harmonic Director of Broadcast Market Development

"Implementation and Test Results for ATSC 3.0 Hybrid Services at Chicago 3.0"

A cloud-based approach to hybrid broadcast and OTT streaming services. Proof of concept with the Chicago 3.0 ATSC 3.0 Trial.

Sunday April 7, 11.40 to 12.00, LVCC Room N256
Jean-Louis Diascorn
Harmonic Senior Product Manager

"AI Technology is Changing the Future of Video Compression"

This session will cover how video compression has evolved over the last two decades and how, looking forward, Artificial Intelligence is the next big game changer.

Monday April 8, 10.40 to 11.00, Room N256
Thierry Fautier
Harmonic Vice President of Video Strategy

"How OTT Services Can Match the Quality of Broadcast"

This speaking track discusses how the challenges of delivering live OTT services can be addressed. Content-aware encoding, artificial intelligence and low-latency CMAF will be among the key topics.

Tuesday April 9, 11.00 to 11.20, Room N260

Thierry Fautier

Harmonic Vice President of Video Strategy

"Demystifying Live UHD HDR Service Delivery"

This presentation, made on behalf of the Ultra HD Forum, will examine various UHD HDR deployment scenarios and analyze the rationale behind selecting specific HDR standards.

Wednesday April 10, 10.40 to 11.00, Room N260

Chris Pattison

Harmonic Vice President of Global Software Quality

Using Big Data and Workflow Redesign to Enhance Broadcast Service Availability

How to leverage information from everything from the pattern of HTTP requests, through to log messages from the microservices along the broadcast chain, in order to predict and prevent failure – or automatically repair the system.

Tuesday April 9, 15.20 to 15.40, Room N258

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