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Will HDR Push 4K to Become a Reality?

A Primer to High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Why it is a Necessary Part of the 4K Ecosystem

High Dynamic Range (HDR) for 4K has yet to be commercially available to consumers because it requires some technical changes in the 4K value chain -- from content production to program delivery. But that is shifting rapidly and HDR screens are starting to make their way to stores. Why is this important? Because consumers want to see a difference between an HD TV and a 4K TV, and most will not have a large enough room or TV (60” +) in order to see the difference. Enter HDR, an overwhelming improvement in customer experience.

In this ebook, find out more about HDR, including:

  • How HDR fits in the Ultra HD TV world
  • HDR video: Coming soon to a TV near you
  • HDR poised to boost 4K
  • 4K TV: A market in need of a lift
  • HDR: Just one of many challenges in the move to UHD
  • Is HDR a stepping stone to 4K?

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