Webinar on Demand, by Harmonic Inc & Mirantis

Software-Defined Media Processing on Open Cloud

Original Broadcast: March 7, 2017

Modern, interactive media streams "over the top" on general-purpose fixed and mobile IP networks — creating profitable new niches in production, ingestion, aggregation, value-added services and media distribution to a plethora of devices.

But legacy media-processing technologies and appliances — expensive, often inflexible, hard to chain, maintain, and scale — hold back new-service evolution. How can carriers and service providers move faster to exploit emerging OTT media opportunities profitably, at scale?

Software-defined media processing is the answer: build new media apps by chaining microservices together with software-defined networking; run everything on generic compute and network hardware using open cloud frameworks and agile, automated operations tooling.

In this webinar, we discuss requirements and characteristics of open cloud platforms for OTT media, and describe real-world implementations of software-defined media processing apps, running at carrier scales.

You will learn

  • Software-defined media processing: a special case of NFV
  • The OTT ecology: emerging opportunities
  • Business and operational benefits of SDMP/OTT
  • Open cloud platforms for SDMP/OTT: special features and architectural considerations
  • Cloud-native media processing application architecture: implementation case-study

Presented with

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Yanniv Ben-Soussan
VP Product Management, Cloud and Saas
Harmonic Inc.

Ryan Day
Principal Solutions Architect