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EyeQ - Achieving superior viewing experience

EyeQ™ - Leveraging the Human Visual System to Achieve Higher Video Quality at Lower Bitrates

Industry research suggests that online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global internet traffic by 2019. As the number of video streams delivered over the top (OTT) grows, consumer expectations for a compelling viewing experience rises with it. Content providers and pay-TV operators are thus challenged to deliver high-quality video on every device while keeping their capital and operational costs low.

The Harmonic EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution leverages the function of the human visual system to provide a superior viewing experience while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50% - without requiring any changes to the existing H.264 delivery infrastructure or vast array of decoders on the market. An optional enhancement for the software-based Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, EyeQ optimizes video quality across all delivery networks, buffering is reduced, and your customer’s quality of experience is improved.

In this guide, learn more about Harmonic EyeQ™, including:

  • OTT Video Delivery Challenges
  • Traditional Encoding Methods for ABR Streaming CBR/VBR
  • Objective Video Quality Measurement
  • Leveraging the Human Visual System for Better Video Quality




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