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Software-Based Cable Access Networks

Benefits and Migration Path for Cable Operators

The requirements for more data and video continue to grow exponentially - particularly with the rise of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming, Ultra HD video with high dynamic range (HDR), and data-intensive applications such as virtual reality and the Internet of Things. Along with the increased capacity required to support these advanced services, cable operators are facing more competition than ever from other high-speed data providers. Moreover, with the explosion in demand for higher bandwidth and the need to deploy new value-added services, cable operators face a significant challenge in that the equipment needed to process and deliver these services is expensive and takes up a lot of real estate, yet space in the headend is finite. Existing cable access architectures will need to be re-architected in order to truly support tomorrow’s requirements.

In this paper, learn more about cable access architectures, such as:

  • How to overcome the challenges of cable with software?
  • What are the benefits of a Software-Based CCAP?
  • How to migrate from Hardware to Software?

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