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Single Feed for DTH and DVB-T2 Broadcasting

Considerations and Benefits of a Single Feed for DTH and DVB-T2 Broadcasting

Many countries around the world are currently migrating to digital terrestrial TV (DTT). For the RF transmission segment, most have opted for DVB-T2 modulation combined with a single frequency network (SFN) architecture. This combination offers optimum utilization of the RF spectrum for digital TV broadcasting.

In most countries, the distribution of multiplexes to transmitters over satellite is simple to deploy and sometimes the only option available for reaching isolated regions not connected to a telecom network.

This paper outlines the various considerations with respect to using a single satellite feed for DTH and DVB-T2 broadcasting, such us:

  • Satellite Feeding DTT Transmitters
  • CAPEX and OPEX Savings
  • Generation of Multiple DTT Multiplexes from a Single DTH Signal
  • Mixing Satellite and Telecom for Resilient Multiplex Delivery to Transmitters
  • Scalability – Upgradability of the DTH and DVB-T2 Solution


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