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A Look Inside the New OTT Industry

OTT Service Delivery: Cable Operators’ Guide to Increasing Agility, Maximizing Bandwidth Efficiency, and Delivering Superior Video Quality

Today’s consumers have a vast number of choices when it comes to video content and they want to access that content anytime, anywhere on any device. For cable operators, this trend represents challenges but it also implies a huge business opportunity in the OTT space. In fact, Digital TV Research predicts OTT revenues to reach $64.78 billion in 2021, up from $29.41 billion in 2015.

Operators face several challenges when entering the OTT environment. A headend infrastructure upgrade is required which is cost-intensive. Further, when it comes to delivery of content, operators may need to invest heavily in the network, or pay an off-net CDN provider.

Also, as they need to reach as many screens as possible, there will be increased complexity in terms of application testing and ensuring interoperability with all device types. And most important cable operators need to ensure that the purest level of video quality is being delivered at the lowest possible bitrates.

In this ebook, understand how operators can be profitable and offer the best customer experience in an OTT environment with:

  • Software-based video infrastructure, in particular cloud-native solutions and services (SaasS platform for video processing)
  • Hybrid combination of on-premise and off-premise software-based solutions




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