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Exploring the IP Evolution for Media Workflows

The Time is Right for Uncompressed IP

Compressed and uncompressed video transported via IP is now an essential element of broadcast infrastructure. The IP paradigm originated more than a decade ago in distribution applications, where underlying connectivity challenges could be improved with techniques imported from IT networking environments. A simplified broadcast infrastructure that seamlessly combines light and heavy compression techniques with uncompressed signal flows over IP simply wasn’t possible... until now.

With the publication of SMPTE ST 2110, and advancements in discovery, registration and network control key technology is now in place to enable a successful migration from SDI to IP.

In this ebook, find out more about Media over IP, including:

  • Tracking the IP evolution
  • The benefits of uncompressed workflows
  • The latest IP standards and specifications enabling migration to an all-IP structure
  • Video processing over IP
  • The Harmonic Media-over-IP solution—offering a hybrid approach to supporting SDI and IP functionality

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