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Introduction to the Harmonic iMCR

The Evolution of the Master Control Room

As broadcasters look to deliver channels faster, cheaper and with fewer resources, media orchestration has become essential. Yet, the migration of the master control room (MCR) to channel-in-a-box (CIAB) and integrated channel playout (ICP)-based solutions is creating new workflow challenges for broadcasters and playout facilities. Best-of-breed tools that used to dominate MCRs — such as dedicated graphics and branding systems and switchers — have given way to integrated, software-based systems that can be difficult to use when handling live cut-ins, sporting events or scheduling mishaps. At the same time, these facility-changing technologies present new opportunities for workflow optimization and function integration. The increasing functionality being built into ICP solutions is bringing more production-like workflows into the MCR, blurring the lines of where production control ends and live playout begins. 

In our new eBook "Introduction to the Harmonic iMCR," Harmonic takes a look at how this next-generation master control environment is transforming video production and layout.

In this ebook, learn more about the iMCR, such as:

  • How can an ICP solution generate more revenue for broadcasters?
  • Why is the migration of the MCR to a CIAB creating challenges?
  • How has the MCR’s design transformed over the years? 
  • What is a hybrid iMCR and what are the benefits of using it?

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