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Why Video Storage is Different


Video workflows are very different from the enterprise applications that IT organizations are accustomed to deploying and supporting. Large video files and demands for fast access and real-time performance result in requirements for highly scalable storage systems with enormous bandwidth, low latency and the ability to effectively support highly specialized video applications. Attempting to force-fit traditional enterprise storage into a video workflow introduces the risk that the IT organization will have dissatisfied users unable to work trouble-free with the tools of their trade. Further, IT may face support challenges resulting from attempting to deploy storage where it simply was not designed to go.

In this ebook, learn more about video storage, including:

  • Why it’s difficult to force enterprise storage into a video workflow?
  • What are the video workflow requirements when using a storage system?
  • What are the challenges of using enterprise storage for video storage?
  • Which Harmonic product can be used to store large video files?


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