Harmonic eBook

The Complete UHD (Ultra HD) Guidebook

A Reference Tool for Next-Generation Video

Harmonic collaborated with Dolby® and The Diffusion Group to create this unique ebook, which offers a realistic assessment of the ultra-high-definition (UHD) opportunity and provides relevant insights to companies throughout the TV and video value chain. UHD represents the next big step in the evolution of video recording, processing and display technology. It provides striking video and audio enhancements that will transform the consumer viewing experience. The arrival of UHD is no longer a probability, but a reality. Despite this fact, the path to UHD is beset by a number of challenges, among them incomplete standards, a fragmented ecosystem, high retail prices and poor consumer awareness. 

In this ebook, find out more about UHD, including:

  • What are the main obstacles blocking the path to UHD?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of using UHD?
  • Why has it been difficult to implement UHD worldwide?
  • Which Harmonic products support the UHD format?

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