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HDR – The Gathering Storm

Making Live UHD HDR Production and Delivery a Reality

Ultra HD with high dynamic range, or UHD HDR: Everyone is talking about it, but few are doing it. Today, the most notable adopters are the media industry’s streaming service powerhouses, which are leveraging their resources to launch early channels featuring cinematic and episodic UHD HDR content. For broadcasters, though, the powerful appeal of UHD HDR lies in its massive potential in the live sports arena.

Unlike the relatively straightforward workflow for creating post-produced cinematic UHD HDR content, live sports production in UHD HDR demands the capture of UHD HDR images and transmission of this video from the stadium or arena, passed through with graphics and advertisements, for conversion into the appropriate format — typically standard dynamic range (SDR) HD for broadcast or any of a variety of streaming formats.

In this ebook find out more about UHD HDR, including:

  • Architecting a strategy without the infrastructure investment and complexity
  • The progress of HDR
  • The relationship between HDR and 4K
  • Making Live UHD HDR production and delivery a reality, thanks to latest-generation encoders, such as Harmonic’s Electra X advanced media processor



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